Why I Run

I mentioned in my first post that I once hated running. Now it is one of my passions. The funny thing about running is that the people that become “runners” are extremely passionate about it. You wouldn’t find this passion with, say, something like Zumba. Well, not normally. No offense to Zumba-ers. 🙂

It can be hard for someone that doesn’t run or that is a more casual runner to understand. My body craves running. If the weather is right, the desire to run is almost uncontrollable. I haven’t run for almost a month now due to plantar issues and sometimes I feel that it is killing me! Maybe that is why I am writing about running… Over the course of three years running has become ingrained into my being.

It is hard to explain why I love running. I love the “alone” time. I love being outside. I love pushing my body. It makes me feel truly alive. I almost feel ecstatic when I have a goal race and a plan. One of my favorite times of the day became early morning long run Sundays. I would start running before the sun was up. The streets that are usually busy were quiet. The world seemed at peace.

Don’t get me wrong, not every run is fun. Some days my legs are stiff and it seem to take forever to loosen up and get comfortable. When the miles seem to take FOREVER and a 2 or 3 mile run is tougher than a 10 miler. But (eventually) you finish and you feel that you accomplished something.

You keep pushing yourself, one foot forward at a time. Just like life. Then there are the days (they are few) that you run and you feel that you are running like the wind. Like it is taking no effort. Like you are flying. The pure happiness is hard to describe.

I do believe that bodies were made to be in motion. Whether it’s running, skating, biking, or taking a stroll around the block. Get off the electronics and get outside, listen to the birds. Feel the sun and the wind on your face. Find your zen!

OMG, I just want to get out of here and run! 🙂



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