On Living a Life with No Regrets

Being an introspective person, in the past I found myself spending a lot of time beating myself up over things that I did.  Regretting decisions that I made.  Wondering what could have been.  I think that over time this can almost paralyze you and leave you mired in the past.  It can paralyze you with the fear that you will make the same mistakes again.  Fear that you will get hurt again or even worse, hurt someone that you care about.

I eventually realized that I need to try not to regret my past.  I made the best decisions that I could at the time, with the information and the knowledge that I had.  It is easy to look at ourselves critically in retrospect, after we know the outcome and with the addition of wisdom and information that we might not have had at the time.  The best that we can do is to learn from our mistakes and use our past experiences to grow.  We all make mistakes, we all have our failures.  If we can take something from these experiences then it may have been worth it.

A question that I often hear and that really makes me think is, “If you could go back, what would you tell your younger self?”  Or along the same lines, “What advice would you give to your children?”  I think it’s good to consider these kinds of questions every so often.  One thing that it makes you realize is that you aren’t the same person that you once were.  It could also make you realize that you have so much more wisdom than you once had.  Or it could even possibly lead you to make some changes in your life.  Maybe somewhere along the way you took a road that led you to a place that you don’t want to be.

Learn from your past.  Accept the consequences of your actions.  But live a life of no regrets.


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