On New Year’s Resolutions

It is New Year’s Eve.  Have you made any resolutions?

One year I decided not to eat any french fries.  For an entire year.  I love french fries, so that was quite a challenge for me.  I had a cholesterol test that did not come back very well.  My doctor suggested trying to change some eating habits and if that didn’t work then medication would be in order.  I figured that cutting down on french fries would be a good start.  That was also around the time that my husband and I discovered (and indulged in) the Friday Fish Fry, a Wisconsin tradition.  I am sure that was not a contributing factor to my bad cholesterol levels.  🙂  I was committed to getting the bad levels down and not taking any medication.  Giving up french fries resulted in healthier eating in general.

It worked and I have had good cholesterol tests since that year.

Since that resolution I have tried to focus more on adding good habits vs eliminating one bad habit.  I also like to set goals instead of making resolutions.  Resolutions can be too broad. Goals are attainable and measurable.  If you reach them, you can reward yourself.  🙂

Last year my goals were mainly running related and running was my focus for most of the year due to training for my first marathon.  This year I would like to continue running but also be more well-rounded and add other activities such as strength training and flexibility to my workout routine.  I started yesterday.  Why wait?

Another goal will be to declutter my house.  My house is small and is filled with “stuff”.  I found a website that offers monthly calendars to declutter, with daily activities that should only take 15 minutes.  Seems doable.

I like New Year’s because it’s a fresh start and a clean slate.  We are approaching the starting line.  I’m ready!



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