On Carrying Essentials while Running

Runners often wonder how to best carry items while running.  Common items that you may need while running are a phone, ID, cash, and gels or other fuel.  Water is an entirely different topic.  🙂

Over the years I have used a few different options that worked well for me.  One thing that did not work well for me is the SpiBelt, which bounced around on me.  I know that other people love it, so it can be a viable option.  To me, it looks too much like a fanny pack.  Which some people still love, so it’s a matter of personal preference.

First I will share the 2 belts that I have used, the FlipBelt and the hipS-sister belt.  I actually have 2 sizes of the FlipBelt.  It did have a tendency to slide up my waist, so I tried a smaller size.  It still slid up my waist.  It wasn’t horrible, it just needs to be readjusted.  Not an issue on shorter runs, but it did tend to become annoying on long runs.  I think it may depend on the type of clothing that you wear underneath the belt.  Some have suggested using safety pins to keep it in place, which would definitely work.  Runners always have extra safety pins.

I never had anything fall out of the FlipBelt, but I was somewhat afraid to put smaller objects into it.  Thus, the purchase of the hipS-sister belt.

The hipS-sister belt did tend to stay in place while running.  It is a wider belt, with two zippers and a slot to hold a phone.  It is much easier to get things out of the hipS-sister belt than the FlipBelt.  The FlipBelt has slots that are pretty well hidden in the construction of the belt.  It looks nice, but it does make it somewhat tricky to get things in and out, especially while running.

Pictured below are the belts.  The two belts on top are the FlipBelts.  Note that I have the “classic” FlipBelt, without any extras like the key hook.  They also now offer a slightly wider version of the belt with a zipper.  The hipS-sister belt is the Left Coast Sister.


When worn underneath t-shirts both belts are hard to detect.  But you can also get them in different colors and have them peek out from underneath tops as pictured on the websites.

FlipBelt now makes water bottles that fit into the belt, which is an interesting addition.

Now for a couple of “non-belt” options.

I have two running pouches, the RooSport 2.0 and the Buddy Pouch by Running Buddy.  The RooSport is on the top in the photo.


The RooSport is the smaller of the two and has two zippered compartments and a larger non-zippered compartment.  The small compartment works well for a key, while the larger zippered compartment will hold a phone and the non-zippered compartment can store gels.  When attached to your waistband only the top portion of the pouch will show, and the back will be tucked behind your waistband.  So if you have a phone inside, the phone will be in your pants.  🙂  There is one magnet on the pouch.

The Buddy Pouch is not as flexible and has 2 separate parts.  When inserted into your waistband, the pockets (and your phone) will be on the outside of your pants.  There are 2 velcro pockets and a zipper for a headphone cord.  There are 2 magnets on the pouch.

There is an advantage to having the phone outside your pants, especially if you sweat a lot.  The sweat will penetrate the RooSport.  So you may want to put your phone in a Ziploc baggie to protect it.  The Buddy Pouch is quite a bit heavier, weighing in at 3.2 oz vs 1.6 oz for the RooSport.  But it is also easier to get things out of the pouch while running, you don’t have to remove it from your pants, as you may need to do with the RooSport.

If you don’t need to carry much then the RooSport is a nice option, it’s very lightweight and small and you won’t feel it while running.  The Buddy Pouch is quite a big larger but it is still comfortable to use.  Both will not bounce.

The nice thing about all these products is that they can be used for hiking, travel, or any activity where you don’t want to carry a phone or money in a purse or wallet.

Current Pricing (as of 5/11/16):

  • Classic FlipBelt: $28.99
  • Zipper FlipBelt: $34.99
  • hipS-sister Left Coast: $24.99
  • RooSport 2.0: $26.99
  • RooSport Plus (for larger phones): $32.99
  • Buddy Pouch XL: $23.98  (currently on sale)

As with most online stores, get on their mailing list and you will likely be sent discount codes for future purchases.


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